Looking for professional draft beer installers for your upcoming bar or at home? You've come to the right place!

KEGS Draft Services offers draft beer system installation and cleaning services for both restaurants and at home consumers. We can also help you design your bar and ensure that it is installed with the highest quality standards.

Below you'll find more details about draft beer system installation, cleaning and maintenance for restaurants and home bars as well as our full line of services.

Restaurant Draft Beer System Installations

KEGS Draft Services has installed draft beer systems in some of the finest restaurants in Ontario including Beertown, Boston Pizza, Sociable, and many more. Below is a partial list of restaurants whose draft beer systems are maintained or have been installed by KEGS Draft Services.

  • Beertown
  • Boston Pizza
  • Ennios
  • Bauer Kitchen
  • Jane Bond
  • Brunswick Lanes
  • Sociable
  • Taco Farm
  • Foster's Inn
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Wild Wings
  • Borealis
  • Bullseye
  • East Side Mario's
  • Golfplay
  • Players Indoor Golf
  • Milton's Restaurant
  • Holiday Inn
  • Best Western
  • Jacob's Grill
  • Stone Crock Restaurant
  • Blackshop
  • Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

To install, clean or fix your restaurant draft beer system call KEGS Draft Services at:


Home Draft Beer System Installations

KEGS Draft Services provides draft beer installation, maintenance, design and supplies to residential customers who enjoy the convenience and luxury of draft beer in their homes.

Serve your favorite domestic or craft beer on tap from the comfort of your home.

If you'd like a draft beer system installed in your home, contact us at 519-577-4463.

Need help designing your draft beer system?

KEGS Draft Services recommends the following companies to help you design a bar to suit your needs:

Draft Beer System Line Cleaning

KEGS Draft Services currently cleans and services beer systems in over 150 bars and restaurants in the Waterloo region. Included in our service, we replace all worn o-rings and washers, service taps and keg couplers and rectify gas leaks and beer wastage issues.

Our Professional Draft Beer System Technicians will:

  • Remove, dismantle, clean all faucets (when required)
  • Clean all couplers
  • Clean all beer lines using non-toxic cleaning solution
  • Maintain a cleaning log
  • Recommend and discuss any replacements or repairs needed that require additional charges
  • Provide solutions for any draft beer problems that you may encounter

Draft Beer System Rentals

Renting a draft beer dispenser couldn't be easier!

At KEGS Draft Services our technicians deliver and set up the keg system. We always insist on demonstrating the equipment to you and testing it on site. If the access is good it takes about 15 minutes to install and 10 minutes for us to show you how everything works.

Simply give us a call or email is via our contact page, let us know which unit you want to rent and the date you need it and we will arrange for delivery to your home or event. Delivery is included in the KW area. Outside of KW delivery is extra.

24" Refrigerated two tap:

Holds 4 x 20L Kegs

  • or 1 x 58.6L Keg
  • or 2 x 30L Tall Kegs

$275 + HST

58" Refrigerated two tap:

Holds up to 3 full-sized kegs

  • or 9 x 20L Kegs
  • or 6 x 30L Kegs

$400 + HST

*Local delivery in KW is included

To rent a kegerator for your upcoming event, contact KEGS Draft Services at:


Our Complete Line of SErvices

KEGS Draft Services provides all of the following services:

  • Beer system preventative maintenance
  • Commercial draft beer installations
  • Cleaning, replacement and repair of draft beer system components
  • Modifications and additions to home draft beer systems and kegerators
  • Troubleshooting and analysis
  • Pressure system maintenance and repair
  • Installations and conversions of household refrigerators to draft beer service
  • Home bar draft beer system consultation, design and set-up
  • Training