KEGS Draft Services is a Complete Draft Beer Service Company, including beer line cleanings and draft beer system installations for your restaurant or home. Our company has been Canadian owned and operated out of Kitchener, Ontario since 1987.

KEGS Draft Services offers a number of services including residential and commercial draft beer system design, installation and cleaning. We also offer a number of essential products in our online store.

Top Quality Beer System Components

KEGS Draft Services uses top quality Perlick draft beer dispensing equipment to ensure a premium quality beer taste and experience every time. By having the highest quality equipment on the market and using the latest technology available, your draft beer system will last longer and the product will taste better.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Solution

KEGS Draft Services is the premier company in Canada using non-toxic hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning solution.

Not only does our solution clean better than the usual solution used in the beer line cleaning process, but it ensures your customers will never be drinking any toxic residue with their beer.